|Oat Milk Coffee Creamer|

Calling all coffee creamer lovers. This is exactly what you and your morning cup of coffee need. It’s perfectly sweet and isn’t full of all the crap that seems to be packed into creamers. It’s really easy to make and uses everyday ingredients. You can sweeten it up with more maple syrup or add your … Continue reading |Oat Milk Coffee Creamer|

|Crockpot Chili and Cinnamon Rolls|

Who doesn’t love dessert for dinner? I mean any reason to enjoy a big fluffy cinnamon roll I’m in. I have these recipes posted separately on my website, but thought I would make it extra easy and pair them together here. This recipe has everything you need, a little spice and a little sweet. You … Continue reading |Crockpot Chili and Cinnamon Rolls|

|Chicken Lettuce Wraps|

Healthy dinner option? Healthy appetizer option? It’s both! It makes the perfect dinner and the perfect appetizer. It’s so super easy to make and super delicious! Make my homemade hoisin sauce to go with it. For dinner just add rice as a side and you have a complete meal! It takes less than 30 minutes … Continue reading |Chicken Lettuce Wraps|

|Cucumber and Cottage Cheese Appetizer|

This is a super easy and a healthier option for an appetizer. Amongst all the dips and chips sometimes it’s nice to have a better option. It’s perfect for Sunday football or a gathering with friends. It doesn’t get much easier than cutting up a cucumber, topping it with cottage cheese and enjoying it. It’s … Continue reading |Cucumber and Cottage Cheese Appetizer|

|Sandwich Bread Oven Option and Bread Machine Option|

Switching from store bought bread to homemade bread has been one of my biggest accomplishments in the kitchen. From fine tuning a recipe we all loved, to making sure I always have stash, it was a feat for me but now it’s second nature. This recipe is highly inspired by millhornfarmsteads recipe. I started with … Continue reading |Sandwich Bread Oven Option and Bread Machine Option|