|Strawberry Muffins|

I know these are strawberry muffins but they are as tasty as a cupcake. If you love strawberries and cake then you are going to love these muffins! They make the perfect treat. In the middle of winter it’s nice to have something that is sweet and fresh. These muffins remind me a little of … Continue reading |Strawberry Muffins|

|Chicken Lettuce Wraps|

Healthy dinner option? Healthy appetizer option? It’s both! It makes the perfect dinner and the perfect appetizer. It’s so super easy to make and super delicious! Make my homemade hoisin sauce to go with it. For dinner just add rice as a side and you have a complete meal! It takes less than 30 minutes … Continue reading |Chicken Lettuce Wraps|

|Cucumber and Cottage Cheese Appetizer|

This is a super easy and a healthier option for an appetizer. Amongst all the dips and chips sometimes it’s nice to have a better option. It’s perfect for Sunday football or a gathering with friends. It doesn’t get much easier than cutting up a cucumber, topping it with cottage cheese and enjoying it. It’s … Continue reading |Cucumber and Cottage Cheese Appetizer|