Peppermint Chocolate Salted Pretzels

It is beginning to look and taste a lot like Christmas! Bring on all the good food, tasty treats and festive drinks. These peppermint salted pretzels might just be the easiest things you make all season. They require no baking and only four ingredients. They are the perfect addition to any cookie tray or snack table and would go amazing with some hot chocolate, click here for my hot cocoa recipe. They taste great and look great too.

My recipe calls for coconut oil, but feel free to use whatever oil you have. This is just an oil that I always have on hand and works great for me.

Learn from my mistake! Make sure to have your crushed peppermint ready to go before you drizzle your pretzels with your chocolate. If you wait too long in between putting your chocolate on your pretzels and adding the crushed peppermint, then your chocolate will harden, and your peppermint won’t stick to your chocolate. Also, to crush your peppermint candy canes, I just put my candy canes into a Ziplock bag and take a rolling pin and press down onto the candy canes. I do this until they are the desired size I want.

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If you make this recipe, be sure to leave a comment or tag me on Instagram @plantpraypick. I love hearing from you and seeing my recipes in your kitchens!


  • 1 bag of pretzel crisps, you want the flat pretzels, this recipe makes about enough for 30 pretzels
  • 14 Andes chocolate mints
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • about 5 mini peppermint candy canes


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place about 30 pretzels on prepped sheet.
  2. Place candy canes in a Ziplock bag and crush them until desired size. *See above under “Tips” for how I crush my candy canes.*
  3. In a small sauce pan over low heat add in 14 Andes chocolates and 1 tsp coconut oil. It is very impotant that your heat is not too high, or it will burn your chocolate.
  4. Continuously stir your chocolate and coconut oil until it is completely melted. About 3 or so minutes.
  5. Using a spoon, drizzle your melted chocolate over your pretzels.
  6. Before the chocolate hardens sprinkle your crushed candy canes on top.
  7. Let sit for about 10 minutes. Enjoy!

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